Oil and gas business plays for time!

Internet site Britské listy delivers quality analysis by Ilona Švihlíková. We are amending her analysis by:
Mrs. Economist says the estimate in the case of Monterey Shale (California). The original poor-quality estimate of the EIA was carried out by faulting – US Energy information Administration of the United States. Judge yourself.
Recent revisions of shale gas and oil area in this basin revealed that the EIA overstated its estimate by 96%! Other resources have found several other miscalculations in the USA in the last year. Respectively, we have not found that this institution ever “hit”. Yet the world continues to be flogged by media, through this agency (EIA), which unceremoniously estimated reserves of shale gas in China or Argentina in the related possible future mining in the that States. The Government forming, at the same time, new energy concepts, new licenses for the extraction of, possible rebates and incentives. It is a Crazy ride in the circle at a flimsy base.
American EIA indicates faulty estimates, as well as within the EU. In the case of Poland, EIA made about 100% higher estimate than is the current inventory estimate. It is surprising, U.S. Agency, who is unable correctly estimate the size of reserve even in the US, has the ambition to estimate stocks around the world. Even more surprised is to see, the even Governments of other countries believes this EIA’s conclusion.
Even though the Coalition STOP HF pointed, that the EIA estimates that are purposefully overrated. PR section of shale gas lobbyists in cooperation with Poland came up with hardly believable trick, that allegedly it was only error, i.e. error in moving the decimal point. Most people and politicians “knowledgeably” repeated this false, in the case of inventory estimates in Poland was it only about moving the decimal point at the wrong position. Even if this was true, the error is crucial and this mistake helped plunge Poland into disarray and the billion dollar investment comedy has started. Yes, it sounds really like a bad dream…
Really becomes very often that tenth of a comma moves the EIA to the wrong place. Obviously, this situation has another explanation: it is part of the originally entirely smoothly functioning monolithic fraud and our mainstream media prepared easy way with words such as “Shale boom”. The BOOM will be, a large one, when the bubble burst.
We must recall that two years ago the Scientific Council of the Coalition STOP HF estimated end of the “shale gas boom” in US in the years 2015-2016. And again, we remind you, that the mining of shale is only possible trough the breaking of the 3 key environmental laws in the US and thanks to the fact that the companies are ignoring the necessary rehabilitation and sanitation of accidents. The Analysis of the economist would then have been even more radical. “. Analysis of Mrs. Economist would certainly be even more radical…

source: http://stophf.cz/archives/6380

Read more: http://www.blisty.cz/art/73819.html

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