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New working paper: Global Shale Gas and the Anti-fracking Movement, Developing Union Perspectives and Approaches

A useful new paper by Trade Unions for Energy Democracy in cooperation with the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung–New York Office and the Global Labor Institute at Cornell University: Global Shale Gas and the Anti-fracking Movement, Developing Union Perspectives and Approaches. Link to paper:

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Long journey for anti-fracking protestors ends in Hull

Around a hundred and fifty people took part in a march in Hull today to protest against fracking. Organised by Frack Free East Yorkshire the demonstration was to raise awareness of the arguments against the controversial process of extracting gas

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Goodbye Chevron

On Monday, July 7th, 2014, at 4 AM, the employees of the American company Chevron left the village Żurawlów in the Lubelskie Region. After 400 days of persisting protest, the farmers, inhabitants and activists managed to stop shale gas drilling.

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The oil market is playing with time

The oil market is apparently calm. Price per barrel (Brent standard) is around $ 110, with occasional leaps, but so far no dramatical changes. Yet, a large number of analyzes from different angles conclude that peace in the oil market,

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Oil and gas business plays for time!

Internet site Britské listy delivers quality analysis by Ilona Švihlíková. We are amending her analysis by: Mrs. Economist says the estimate in the case of Monterey Shale (California). The original poor-quality estimate of the EIA was carried out by faulting

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Open letter – Rasmusen comment about Russia involvment in anti-fracking groups

To: Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen (Secretary General of NATO) Subject: Your comments on Russia’s involvement in European anti-fracking groups (Open letter) Dear NATO Secretary-General Rasmussen, We the undersigned are groups of citizens and environmental organizations that are concerned about fracking

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Nato boss claims Russia has secretly infiltrated green groups fighting fracking

The outgoing Secretary General of Nato has sparked ridicule from environmentalists after claiming that Russia is secretly orchestrating green groups opposed to fracking. Former Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen told journalists that Moscow was coordinating opposition to the controversial

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NATO jako součást sofistikované kampaně břidličné lobby? comment:

Je NATO ochotno zajít až k hospodářskému lobbingu? Nebo to je pouze výstřelek jejího tajemníka Rasmussena? Ať tak či onak, žádáme předložit důkazy. Pokud je pan tajemník nemá, pak by měl okamžitě odstoupit! Dopis do NATO od antibřidličných skupin z

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Heading South: The dash for unconventional fossil fuels in Argentina

This new research finds that, in a new frontier for shale gas, big energy companies such as Chevron, Shell and Total are ‘heading south’ to drill in Argentina, including in protected natural areas. This dash for unconventional fossil fuels is taking

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The Senate in Czech Republic heard the voice of the people on the issue of shale gas

Czech Senate to The European Commission: Czech Republic currently does not intend to allow the exploration or exploitation of shale hydraulic fracturing. Senate referred to in the petition to STOP HF and public hearings in the Senate, which was initiated

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