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Next Victory! Victoria to Permanently Ban Fracking and Coal Seam Gas Exploration.

As it turns out, other states and regions prohibit unconventional methods of exploration and exploitation of fossil energy sources. Except fracking forbade the state of Victoria extraction of natural gas from coal seams (CMB, in Australia CSG). And what is the situation

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Global Impact Of Fracking And Resistance Against It

Opponents methods from the UK three years after the Czech Republic and the USA combined into a unit platform. Thier movie about fracking is herfe:

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The largest protest in Australia’s history: against CSG

  CSG (Coal Seam Gas) is perhaps even worse than the method of extraction shale gas with fracking. A peaceful protest was held near Lismouru in New South Walles. The photo reveals the scale of the protests as thousand of

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Antifracking organisations in Australia

Dear friends. If you want to find out details about fracking in your country, or to connect with the world antifracking movement in your country, contact one of these organisations: National Toxics Network:  

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Great good news for Great Barrier Reef in Australia

We have some incredible news… After a four-month campaign by AYCC members, Lend Lease Group have announced that they have withdrawn from the AP X coal project – the biggest proposed coal port in Great Barrier Reef waters! Help us thank Lend

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Moratorium on fracking announced by Newfoundland government

Reviews, public consultations needed before policy developed, minister says Natural Resources Minister Derrick Dalley has declared a moratorium on fracking in the province. Dalley started off the fall sitting in the House of Assembly by announcing that the government will

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