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World Call For Help Standing Rocks Sioux and Native Americans, Farmers and Other Which Are Endangered by Dacota Pipeline and State USA Gov

Dear friends, dear antifracking groups, from whole world, dear all, who love nature, democracy and (native) people. Please. The time is fulfilled. We need support for Standing Rock Tribe and his friends. It is no longer possible to tolerate the promotion

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Quickly Help Now Against LNG and frack (by TTIP and CETA) for MEP´s Voting to 27.10.

Dear all, please make use of this online action to reach out to ALL Members of the European Parliament and asked of them to reject tomorrow the disastrous report on the future EU LNG and gas storage strategy. The event is

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UK fracking firm plans to dump wastewater in the sea

Damned. Corporations will need to send to hell. Especially INEOS. uk-fracking-firm-plans-dump-wastewater-in-sea

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Fracking and Natural Gas Is Not Solution for Climate, But Danger…

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Botswana Sells Fracking Rights in Protected Park to UK Oil Firm

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Great Britain: MPs Clear the Way for Fracking to Start under National Parks

Miners initially asked for a large area in England, including the national parks. Then Britain has shown its eco-face and announced that the national parks are not jeopardized. Promises, just promises.

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Climate March in Prague: 29.11.2015

Dozens Czech NGO´s call to help world Climat March. Coalition STOP HF (against fracking in Czech Republic) joins for this, for safe climat future. Go with us. This year will be crucial. Czech FB :

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Global Impact Of Fracking And Resistance Against It

Opponents methods from the UK three years after the Czech Republic and the USA combined into a unit platform. Thier movie about fracking is herfe:

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The European Parliament voted for the moratorium on shale gas! But…

At 10.6.2015 plenary session of the European Parliament was on the agenda of the vote on the report, which relates to shale gas. On the initiative of the Czech MEP Mr Miroslav Poche was the report amendment, which meant a

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ConocoPhillips leaves Poland

After the companies ExxonMobil, Total and Chevron leaves illusion slate fever in Poland as well as the last big energy company, ConocoPhillips. Invested amount is estimated at EUR 200 million – much as it could be insulated home?

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