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Next Victory! Victoria to Permanently Ban Fracking and Coal Seam Gas Exploration.

As it turns out, other states and regions prohibit unconventional methods of exploration and exploitation of fossil energy sources. Except fracking forbade the state of Victoria extraction of natural gas from coal seams (CMB, in Australia CSG). And what is the situation

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Global Frackdown 11.10.2014 – International day against fracking [CZ]

Coalition STOP HF joins the World Day against fracking shale gas using hydraulic fracturing (HF), when hundreds of thousands of people around the world are protesting against waste and contamination, the devastation of nature and the environment by this method.(

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Lover of Nature, Romanian Alexandru Popescu, Carries Mesagge to the Brussels

18.9.2014 Alexander Popescu intends to pass through a 3,000-kilometer trek from Romania to Brussels to EU purring message that the Romanian people do not want to exploration or extraction of shale, or cyanide leaching in his country, and protesting against

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NATO jako součást sofistikované kampaně břidličné lobby? comment:

Je NATO ochotno zajít až k hospodářskému lobbingu? Nebo to je pouze výstřelek jejího tajemníka Rasmussena? Ať tak či onak, žádáme předložit důkazy. Pokud je pan tajemník nemá, pak by měl okamžitě odstoupit! Dopis do NATO od antibřidličných skupin z

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The Senate in Czech Republic heard the voice of the people on the issue of shale gas

Czech Senate to The European Commission: Czech Republic currently does not intend to allow the exploration or exploitation of shale hydraulic fracturing. Senate referred to in the petition to STOP HF and public hearings in the Senate, which was initiated

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Member of European parlament Poc reveals the background of shale play on EU or also known as slate mafia.

Poc : Keith Smith feels the chance to promote U.S. interests in the V4 countries Article from mr. Poc , although in March , but it fits into the overall picture of what is happening in the EU and Ukraine

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Antifracking organisations in Czech Republic

Dear friends. If you want to find out details about fracking in your country, or to connect with the world antifracking movement in your country, contact one of these organisations: Centrum pro dopravu a energetiku: Koalice STOP HF:

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Czech Republic

Political situation A law banning fracking was introduced to the upper chamber of the parliament by Petr Pakosta, formerly a conservative, now an independent MP. The law is being opposed mainly by the Ministry of the environment (headed by Tomas

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