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Germany’s Environment Agency Calls for an End to Fracking

By Geert Decock How far do you need to sit from the halls of power to not be influenced by constant lobbying and spin from Big Oil & Gas? The correct answer may be surprising: 1.5 hours exactly. How so?

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6. April 2014 – NATIONAL TAG DER PROTEST gegen Exploration/Exploatation von Schiefergas durch hidraulischen Fracking

Am 6. April 2014 findet statt, gleichzeitig in vielen Städten in Rumänien und in mehreren ausländischen Städten, Proteste und Demonstrationen gegen Frackturieren. Wir gehen alle auf die Straße, Dorfbewohner und Städtebewohner, Menschen von verschiedenen Ethnien und Glauben, aus unserem Land

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Antifracking organisations in Germany

Dear friends. If you want to find out details about fracking in your country, or to connect with the world antifracking movement in your country, contact one of these organizations: AG Post-Fossil Aktionsbündnis No Fracking Mülheim an der Ruhr:

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Role of the American shale gas in the Ukrainian conflict

Czech Coalition STOP HF as the world’s first revealed the relationship with shale gas to Ukraine crisis in Ukraine and lobbying pressure shale lobby, which uses the American Congress to fight for the world’s raw materials … Now partially confirmed

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Political situation In September 2012, two official reports have been published: The first one was published by the federal Environment, the second one – and much more detailed – by the Environment Ministry of Northrhine-Westfalia (around 900 pages).

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